Why Do Most People Prefer Online Shopping

Why do most people prefer online shopping? Common knowledge is that online is cheaper because you get to buy directly from the manufacturer. Is it the only reason? A recent study by PwC shows that convenience is the number one factor. Price is just secondary.

Here is a list of features why online shopping is better than traditional shopping centers:

1. It is very convenient.

Let’s say you just remembered, that you need to get a new tie but it is 1 pm, and you are still at work. You can either drive to a shopping center after work or just go online, select one, buy it and have it delivered tomorrow right at your house.

2. Less stress.

Imagine you are at the mall. Think about all the people and noise. Think about the number of stores you need to visit before making a decision which to buy. Let’s not forget the parking lot where you have to park, walk to the mall and walk back again to where you are parked.


Now let’s try online shopping. You are at your house, drinking coffee while listening to your favorite music. Browsing each product one by one, comparing the price. After a few minutes you have your choice, checkout, pay, and done.

3. More products are available.

A few years ago there was no way you could buy something that you someplace else. An example would be a bottle of wine that is made locally in a different state. The time and hassle to look for it are not worth. But now with the help of different online shops, you can easily search the product, and somehow, someone is willing to sell it to you and ship it right to your doorsteps.

4. You can check reviews.

Most of the cool stuff to buy at Amazon have reviews. It allows you check whether an item is good or bad before buying it. Making an informed choice and avoiding subpar products is a feature that anybody buying online should always use. Unlike when visiting a store, the only advice you’ll get is from the label or the salesperson.